Management Economics provides a systematic, logical way of analyzing business decisions that focuses on the economic forces that shape both day-to-day decisions and long-run decisions. It applies economic theory and methodology to managerial decision making problems within various organizations. The emphasis in this course will be on demand analysis and estimation, production and cost analysis under different market conditions, advanced topics in business strategy. Students taking this course are expected to have had some exposure to economics and be comfortable with basic algebra. Some knowledge of calculus and statistics would also be helpful.

    Xiaojun Wu吴晓隽in charge of the course课程负责人)
    Dr. Associate Prof.
    Dept. of Mice Economics and Tourism Management
    School of Business and Management
    DongHua University

    Office: Room 725, Glorious Sun Building
    Office Hrs: By appointment
    Email: xjunwu@dhu.edu.cn


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