Fu XieHong 符谢红 (in charge of the course 课程负责人),


    Lecturer of School of Business and Management

    Office Room: 321, Management Building

    Email: fxh@dhu.edu.cn

    International enterprise management is the process of developing strategiesdesigning and operating systems and working with people around the world to ensure sustained competitive advantage. The learning objectives of the course is to:

  1. (1) learn the theory of international management ,understands the real operation of international enterprises and improves managerial skill
    (2) understand the global business environment and how it affects the strategic and operational decisions which managers must make.
    (3) Understand the Reasons for Going International, learn the steps in Developing International and Global Strategies
    (4) Understand the importance of appropriate organizational structures to effective strategy implementation; Emphasize the global human capital trend: The rise of teams
    (5) Learn about the major HRM options for global operations and the factors involved in those choices.
    (6) Leadership improvement by building Positive Leadership , Coaching, Delegation and Motivating skills
    (7) Learn the process of Innovation : design thinking .
    (8) Building cross-cultural competence :Interpret the culture difference and increases the ability of reconcile the culture dilemmas.