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Donghua University (DHU), formerly China Textile University, was founded in 1951. DHU is one of the state-key universities directly under the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic China (MOE of China) and was chosen by MOE of China as part of Project 211, a project of National Key univerisities and colleges initiated in 1995 by MOE of China , with the intent of raising the research standards of high-level universities and cultivating strategies for socio-economic development.The name for the project comes from an abbreviation of the 21st century and 100 (approximate number of participating universities).Donghua’s featured disciplines, such as Fashion Design, Textile Engineering, International Trade, Material Science, and Information Technology have enjoyed worldwide reputation.
Donghua University is also one of the earliest universities delivering management education in China dating back to 1953, when the Teaching and Research Division in Management Engineering was founded.Glorious Sun School came to birth in 1994 after being sponsored by Glorious Sun Enterprises Limited (GSE), an enterprise in the fashion industry. Since China’s reform and open policy in 1990’s, the retail industry of Shanghai in particular witnessed a rapid increase. GSE, whose fashion retail business contributed large amount of GSE’s turnover, was in need of business knowledge and excellent talents. The cooperation between GSE and Donghua University has been promoting the integration of production, teaching and research in the field of fashion retail industry, which distinguished GSSBM from other business school.

The Teaching and Research Division in Management Engineering was founded
1959 The bachelor’s program in the Industrial Engineering and Management was launched.
1976 Donghua began to recruit Master’s candidates in Industrial Engineering and Management.
1983 The Department of Industrial Engineering and Management was set up
1993 The Department was expanded to the School of Trade, Economics and Management.
1994 School was renamed as the Glorious Sun School of Business and Management (GSSBM) after being sponsored by Glorious Sun Enterprises Limited (GSE), which was listed on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited in September 1996. Fashion retail business contributes 88% to the total turnover of GSE. GSE highly values the integration of western-style management and oriental culture.
1997 GSSBM was approved to recruit MBA students.
2002 Professor Li Wuwei, the father of China’s Creative Economy, was appointed as the honorable dean of GSSBM.
2003 The first doctoral students were enrolled.
2009 GSSBM was approved to recruit EMBA students. It has attracted loads of executives in China’s textile industry to study in GSSBM and helped their enterprises keep pace with times.
2010 The Master of Engineering Management (MEM) was set up.