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Journal of Creative Economy and Management


Journal Introduction
Professor Li Wuwei (vice chairman of the 11th CPPCC) , father of Chinese creative economy, proposed the idea that creativity changes China. Creative economy explores the value of human ideas and make them an important economic drivers. Based on the strategic background of the development of creative economy, this journal aims to excavate economic values of tradition products, business model, different industries and resources transformation processes. The journal also analyses the business opportunities brought about by creative and innovative ideas, as well as the lifestyle transformation that these ideas may foster. Prospective papers are advised to be theoretical research or application of the creative economy, and case studies or industry reports of creative economy participants are also welcome. This journal is dedicated to establish a platform for creative ideas and creative achievements, combining academia rigor with industry perspective, creative tactics with management strategies, and theatrical idealism with industrial feasibilities.
Professor Li Wuwei serves as the chief editor and chairman of academic advisor committee. This journal is a publication using international big 16k version and spreads through multiple channels.

Organizers of Journal
Shanghai Creative Industry Association Creative Economy Committee
Glorious Sun School of Business and Management of Donghua University

Editor: Li Wuwei
Executive Editor: Shen Lei & Wang Qianhong

Editor Committee
(in Chinese Stroke order)

Wang Fanghua (Shanghai Jiaotong University)
Wang Yonggui (Capital University of Economics and Business )
Wang Jiongshen (Beijing University)
Shen Minghao (Guangdong University of Foreign Study)
Ren Guoyan (MICE committee of Yangzi Delta Cities)
Sun Minggui (Donghua University)
Xu Guangjian (Renmin University of China)
Yan Chenzhong (Donghua University)
He Jiaxun (East China Normal University)
Song Hui (Academia of China input and output study)
Song Fugeng (Donghua University)
Zhang Lezhu (South China Agricultural University)
Li Jun (Donghua University)
Yang Wandong (Renmin University of China)
Shen Lei (Donghua University)
Chen Ge (Donghua University)
Zhen jianqi (Wuhan University of Technology)
Yao Hongxin (Donghua University)
Liu Guangzhong (Tsinghua University)
He Wei (Donghua University)
Zhao Xiaokang (Donghua University)
Xu Erming (Renmin University of China)
Xu Ming (Donghua University)
Gao Changchun (Donghua University)
Jing Fengjie (East China University of Science and Technology)
Jiang Qingyun (Fudan University)

Submission Notice
The Journal welcome many articles. As long as the articles fit the orientation, we welcome contributions from all works of life. The basic requirements are as follows:
Theoretical articles: please refers to instructions for authors of《The Creative Economy and Management》
Practical articles: Research report and practice manuscript are required provide information such as time, place and participant of investigation. Research data should be accurate ; technical route is clear; information source is reliable and is of no dispute. For compiling format, please refers to the instructions for authors.
Business Case: Data information must be authorized and pictures must be without copyright dispute.
If there are international contributions and compile draft, we need the authorization email of authors.

Contact Us
Address: No.1882 Yan-an Road West, Shanghai,
《The Creative Economy and Management》Magazine Centre
Glorious Sun School of Business and Management
Donghua University ,
Postcode: 200051
Submission Email:cefm_j@163.com



Editor: Li Wuwei, Executive Editor Shen Lei, Wang Qianhong

Main contents of the 1st issue

Main contents of the last issue (1st )of the magazine:
Special Contribution
01. Developing Creative industries, Promoting Urban Transformation, and Building a Culture of Power / Li Luwei
02. On Exploring Mode of the Cultural and Creative Industries / Wang Pengjin
Original Paper
03. New Investment: An Exploratory Case Study of Three Mature Edinburgh Festivals and Their Future Funding Opportunities / Lin Kuanwen Patrick Stein Joe Goldblatt
04. Renewable Energy Policy Based on the Innovation Cycle / Jin Yueqin
05. Study on Regional Environment Economics Input-Output System Model / Song Hui
06. Innovation of Business Model in the Age of the Internet / Shen Minghao Lu Xiaofang
07. A Discussion of the Theoretical Framework of Internet Information Consumer Behavior / Shen Lei Wei Xiaoyong
08. The Measurement of China’ Rural Credit Capital Allocation Efficiency: an Empirical Study based on Regional Differences / Zhang Lezhu Wu Yingyi Yu Huilan
09. Direction of Creative Industries in China and Analysis of Its Route / Fan Haiyang Jiang Shiyin
10. The Role of Industrial Design in the Creative Industries / Chen Ge
11. Big Data Mining and Its Applications in Business Innovations / Chen Yunwen
12. Research on Effect of Promoting City Attention Economy Through the Creative Exhibition / Ren Guoyan
13. Study on the Effect of Agglomeration of Shanghai Culture and Creative Industry / Chen Bangwei
14. Tourism Industry would Refer to Wisdom to Go Ahead: Discussion Profound Reform that Internet Endow Tourism by Exploring a Sample of Sichuan / Zhao Bo Yu Xin
15. Research on the Development of Chinese Culture Industry Based on the Context of the Context of Capital Operation / Meng Hua

Research center 1

Center of Creative Economy and Management Journal of Creative Economy and Management World Creative Economy Summit Shanghai 2015

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Textile Economy & Management Research Center