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Textile Economy & Management Research Center

1. Brief Introduction
Textile Economy and Management Research Center(TEMRC) of Donghua University was established in 2007. At the beginning of its establishment, Chinese textile industry was facing the demise of MFA after China’s accession to the WTO in 2001, as well as the turning point of global industry transition and trade structure adjustment. Nowadays, Global Production Network (GPN) is becoming a new feature of globalization. Therefore, research on textile economy has important theoretical and practical significance in enhancing competitiveness, promoting industrial upgrading and sustainable economic development during the process of globalization, industrialization and urbanization.
With more than 8 years’ development, TEMRC has a good research team with more than 20 teachers, who are backbone teachers from Xuri School of Business Administration of Donghua University, accomplishing fruitful academic achievements. The research members have hosted and participated in many research grants of the WTO, the ILO, the National Natural Science Fund, and the National Social Science Fund, etc. The research center also has engaged in some research projects of the local government, industry associations and companies, etc. Beyond this, the research center has already published a range of high levels academic papers in national core journals, such as Systems Engineering, China Industrial Economics, China Textile Industry Development Report, and World Economy Study, as well as several university academic journals and International Symposium, etc. The research center not only has those theoretical achievements, but also has practical achievements. As the research staff members have published crucial research in a series of major international conferences. Meanwhile they are making their voices heard on behalf of Chinese textile academia. And it is playing a significant role in textile economy at home and abroad.
China is in “New Normal” economy at the moment. Chinese textile industry will face multiple challenges, such as global economic crisis, changes of world trade regulations, and the restructuring of the economic system, etc. In the circumstances, Chinese textile industry can l success only by reform and innovation. Accordingly, TEMRC will continue to make a strong commitment to academic research on textile economy  and management with efficient academic teams and make a contribution to development of textile economy and the economic transition. 

2.Major Research Area

  1. Textile Industry Economy
  2. Textile Trade
  3. Textile Business Management

3. Some Research Achievements

  1. Grants



Finish Date

The 12th Five-Year Plan
The development strategy of Chinese textile raw material (fiber)

National Development and Reform Commission


Global Production System and Decent Work: Case in China Garment Industry



Clothing Demand Emerging Markets — In China



Research on proper openness degree of Chinese textile industry

National Development and Reform Commission


Research on upgrading of  Chinese textile industry in international financial crisis

National Social Sciences Fund Youth Program


Research on pattern and mechanism of Chinese textile industry regional transfer in the global value chain

Chinese Ministry Humanities Social Sciences Fund Program


Research on innovation pattern of Chinese textile industry cluster in the global value chain

National Social Sciences Fund Youth Program


Research of textile and apparel industry supply chain collaboration management based on time competition

Shanghai Social Science Project


Research on approach to improve the quality of Chinese apparel products

Chinese Engineering Academy  Project


Research of rapid responding mechanism, model and operation strategy of textile and apparel  industry supply chain

National Natural Sciences Fund


  1. Some  Books




Research on upgrading Chinese textile and apparel industry in the global value chain

Donghua University Press


Export and Domestic Demand--Research of export dependence of Chinese textile industry 

Shanghai People’s Publishing House


Research on upgrading of  Chinese textile industry in global financial crisis-- based on experience of industry upgrading in Japan and Korea

Shanghai University of Finance and Economics Press


Fashion Industry Introduction

Shanghai People’s Publishing House


Apparel Marketing

Donghua University Press


How far is it for us to be world fashion brands?

China Textile Press


Chinese textile industry transfer in the reconstruction of global industrial networks

Shanghai People’s Publishing House


  1. Director and Contact

Director: Professor   GU QINGLING
Vice Director: Associate Professor LI TING
Contact: Professor ZHAO JUNLI
Email: zjl@dhu.edu.cn
Tel: 15801765837






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Textile Economy & Management Research Center